• Independent.
    EXANTE is 100% owned by its founding partners.
  • International.
    Over 70% of our operations are cross border.
  • Experience Specialists.
    Our service is based on the high standards learned during years of experience in international investment banks.
  • Committed.
    Our principal preocupation is discretion and confidentiality.
  • Effort.
    We put an enormous effort into our operations which are always lead by a partner.

We are Merchant Bankers

  • Only a small number of entities have the status of Merchant Bankers.
  • This highly specific form is a warranty of knowledge and tradition. The fundamental feature of a “Merchant Banker” is that of both a banker and entrepreneur.
  • Unlike modern banks, in a “Merchant Bank” our interests converge, in a natural way, with the interests of our clients.
  • Building a trusting relationship and collaboration assures our clients comprehensive services and a reliable long-term vision.


  • Our remuneration is in the form of a success fee and charged upon the successful closur of a transaction.
  • Our fees are calculated according to the overall value of the operation under advisement. Therefore establishing our remuneration.
  • Our greatest achievement is customer satisfaction.