EXANTE Merchant Bankers is specialized in cross-border projects for companies from the Small and Mid Cap sector

Thanks to our Network and, as an active member of MergersClub with partners in more than 72 countries, we offer our clients a wide network of contributors.

We are Merchant Bankers

  • Only a small number of entities have the status of Merchant Bankers.
  • This highly specific form is a warranty of knowledge and tradition. The fundamental feature of a “Merchant Banker” is that is both a banker and entrepreneur.
  • Unlike modern banks, in a “Merchant Bank” our interests converge, in a natural way, with the interests of our clients.
  • Trust relationships and collaboration assure our clients comprehensive services and a reliable long-term vision.

We belong to MergersClub,
present in 72 countries:

  • Western Europe
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • North, Central and South America
  • Middle East
  • Asia and Pacific
  • Africa