Raphael Nagel, EXANTE’s Partner, has met Mark Amin

Mark Amin is Iranian – American. He is photography producer and film distributor.

He created Vidmark Entertainment in 1980, mainly doing video shoots , and was a pioneer in home video entertainment. In 1985 , Amin renamed Vidmark to Trimark Holdings Inc.
This company has Home Video divisions, independent film production and film distribution. As President and CEO of Trimark Pictures, Amin`s company specialized in the production and distribution of genre films, has among others the following movies:

  • Demonwarp (1988 ), starring by the actor winner of the oscar, George Kennedy.
  • Warlock (1988 ) starring Julian Sands
  • And his successful 1993 movie, Warlock : The Armageddon ( 1993).
  • Eve’s Bayou (1996 ), starring Samuel L. Jackson
  • or Frida ( 2002) , which was nominated for six Academy Awards , winning two .

In 2000 Trimark Pictures merged with Lionsgate Entertainment , which Amin became the largest individual shareholder . Mr. Amin currently serves on the board of directors of Lionsgate, with the position of Vice President.

In 2001 he founded his own independent production company , Sobini Films , which has produced independent films, including The Prince and Me (2004 ), starring Julia Stiles and Peaceful Warrior (2006 ) starring Nick Nolte.


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